Resources for iTunes U Publishers

If you wish to publish content or adminster collections on iTunes U, you will benefit from expanded knowledge of how iTunes U works, including how to:

  • Use automated workflows to publish content to iTunes U or automatically via RSS feeds
  • Use the best method(s) for recording your live content for delivery via iTunes U
  • Transcode or transform existing audio and video content into file formats suitable for iTunes U
  • Create your course and and collection page(s)
  • Create and format tabs to logically group content within your collection/course page(s)
  • Create and properly size graphic images for your collection/course page(s)
  • Upload content to your iTunes U course/collection page(s)
  • Organize content within your course and collection page(s)
  • Fill in the correct file metadata (name, album, artist, genre, comments, track number)
  • Identify proper file formats for audio and video podcasts
  • Populate the website links on your collection/course page(s)
  • Maximize the iTunes U keyword search to assist users in finding your content

Contact the OIT Academic Technologies Services team to set up a consulting meeting or special hands-on training workshop on the topics above.

You can also review Appleā€™s online iTunes U Users Guide, which contains answers to many basic questions on creating content and designing effective course or collection pages.

Additional Resources