Managing Your Collection

Once your new collection is published, you can continue to upload new materials directly. To do this, email Academic Technologies with the name of the collection you want to manage. They will give you access to the collection.

Adding New Files

1. Login

2. From the “Collections” list, click on “Edit Feed”

3. In the “Feed Editor,” click “Items” (right side of page)

4. Click on “Upload New Items” and select the file you want to update. Note: While uploading, this window must remain open. Large files can take up to two hours to load. (For 500 MB and larger files, see special instructions at the bottom of this page.)

5. When it is finished uploading, it will say “Finished”

Adding the Metadata

1. Click on that file in the list of tracks

2. Fill in title, author, summary and keywords. Choose a category.

3. Click “Save”

4. Click on “Return to Collections Manager” (top left corner)

5. Click “Sign Out”

Additional information is available on the Apple Web site

Large Files

When uploading a large file, the session will occasionally “time out.” Simply exit the session, even though it says you will lose changes, then log back into iTunes U (at that point you may get the session expired notice). Go to your collection and you should see the file that you just uploaded, then simply add the metadata to it.