Approval Process for Contributing Content

Once you have some content that you would like to contribute to ND on iTunes U, you will need to go through the proper approval process.

1. Secure approval from OPAC on your request to publish your content for public distribution by filling out the Contribute to iTunes Form.

2. Consult with OPAC on where in the ND on iTunes U site your Course or Collection should best be located.

3. Review the iTunes U copyright guidelines and ND on iTunes U checklist to ensure your content meets appropriate copyright and content guidelines.

4. Consult with OPAC to create your Course or Collection page(s) that will contain your podcast files.

5. Consult with OIT Academic Technologies staff to design a workflow to publish your files to your iTunes U collection page(s).

6. Follow best practices for creating your podcast files so they will work successfully when uploaded to the ND on iTunes U site.

7. Test your files to ensure they work on various playback devices frequently used by iTunes users.

8. Begin publishing your content to your designated page or page(s) using your workflow.