About iTunes U

“iTunes U, part of the iTunes Store, is possibly the world’s greatest collection of free educational media available to students, teachers, and lifelong learners. With over 100,000 educational audio and video files available, iTunes U has quickly become the engine for the mobile learning movement. It puts the power of the iTunes Store in the hands of qualifying universities so they can distribute their educational media to their students or to the world." – Apple.com

Much like the University homepage, Notre Dame Video Channel, and YouTube channel, iTunes U is another channel of distribution for Notre Dame’s audio and video podcasts and, for our students, another way to access recordings of lectures and class-related documents.

Notre Dame has two iTunes U sites:

  • Public: Shares Notre Dame’s stories with the world (launched in fall 2009)
  • Private: (NetID login required): Provides an easy way for content to be distributed to internal audiences (available for restricted use by faculty & students in fall 2009)

Download Content

In order to use iTunes U, you must install the latest versions of Apple iTunes and Quicktime. Once these are installed, simply visit ND on iTunes U.

Upload Content

If you’re a member of the Notre Dame campus community, you can easily contribute content to iTunes U.

If you’re new to this process, please review the information found at the links below: